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Meditation Intuitive Body Yoga Yoga for Golfers

Yoga for Golfers!

GOLF! How would you like to improve your golf game and decrease your risk of injury/overuse issues related to golf? Would you like to improve your focus and attention to play your best game? If you answered YES, I can help you with my three prong approach:

1. FocusIncrease mental focus using breath awareness and attention to moment by moment body sensation. Since your breath is always with you, it’s a great place to start.

2. FlexibilityMaximize your key power sources by opening the hips, hamstrings and shoulders. Learn techniques to release tension and increase range of motion to these major areas.

3. BalanceGain an increased sense of balance and postural awareness by stabilizing and strengthening the spine and core.

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Special group and individual 8 week sessions starting in May – just in time for the season! Unique separate sessions for men and women. I look forward to meeting you; before, after, or in between rounds...

"TEE the ball, BE the ball."

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