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Intuitive Body

You have heard it or sensed it, that “little voice” whispering unexplainable reasoning and guidance from within. This is your intuition and it is a means of getting information instinctively, rather than through your rational mind and conscious reasoning. As children, we were all sensitive beings and naturally receptive. Over time, we lose our sense of connection with ourselves and find it increasingly difficult to experience clarity and insight in our lives.

These signals are still there; they are “talking” to you and they are “guiding” me as we work together to move your body, mind, and spirit in a more positive direction. One-on-one consulting sessions allow me to sense and work with the information your body is conveying which aides in assisting you to move toward that true, inner self that is radiant with light and love.

Use the intuitive body/mind/spirit connection to:

  • Quiet the mind
  • Get in touch with your “gut” feelings
  • Pay attention to your body’s signals and health
  • Let “ah-ha” moments guide your action
  • Ask for inner guidance
  • Experience clarity and insight in your life

The intuitive body is just one of the many tools I use to connect with and assist you in moving in the direction for your greater good.

“I am finding myself more at peace and better able to handle stress since working with Cathy. This process has allowed me to become more open to opportunities that arise.”

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